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Tips on buying a hair straightener

A hair straightener is a basic hair accessory if you are planning to do your hair from the comfort of your home. On those days that you don’t want curls, you can opt to go for a straight and polished look just by straightening your hair. Many people buy hair straighteners only to end up disappointed after a short period of use. The truth is that a good hair straightener should be able to serve your needs for a long time. The ghd vs Cloud 9 comparison will help you in making a good choice. Here are tips to help you in buying the best hair straightener.

How to buy the best hair straightener

The material of the plate

The material of the plate is an important aspect when buying a hair straightening. There are two types of materials, ceramic and Teflon. Each of them has its advantages, and it will depend on the features that are important for you. For instance, ceramic plates are easy on the hair and because you don’t experience a lot of friction in the process of straightening your hair. With ceramic hair plates, you will not experience the hair damage common with other types. Teflon is also a good material, but most of the time you will get a combination of Teflon and ceramic in the hair straightener.


The heat up time

You have to heat the hair straighter so that you can stretch your hair. The time taken before the hair straightener is heated up to the right temperature is important. You need to find a hair straightener that has a short heating time. With a short heating time, you will be sure that you will straighten your hair without waiting for a long time.

Size of the plate

We have three types of plates when it comes to hair straighteners. Slim, medium and wide plates are available depending on the length of your hair. If your hair is short, they a slim hair straightener will serve your needs well. People with short and medium length hair can go for the medium width plate. The wide plates are specially made for individuals who have long hair.


Easy to adjust

A good hair straightener should be easy to adjust. You need to make sure that hair straightener can be adjusted to different temperature setting. By adjusting the temperature setting you will be able to straighten your hair well depending on the type of your hair.