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Things to consider in using pop up changing room


The pop up changing room is ideal for any person who needs a portable changing room. The best changing room should be easy to set up and also easy to pack up. The pop-up can be used in any setting be it in both indoors and outdoors activities like camping, trade shows, beach events, clothing vendors, and much more.

These fitting portable rooms pop open with a simple whisk of the wrist thus the name “pop up.” The changing room gives your clients some privacy to change into their clothes and even try some of your products. This portable room comes with a case, after collapsing the changing room, You can easily pack it up while allowing quick cleaning at the end of the day.


There are many types of these portable changing rooms in the market. However, I will mention some few distinct features that come with this fantastic product.

  • 22 nskjkfjThe tallest design of these portable rooms available is a height of 7.58 feet.
  • They are also designed in a style that leaves it ergonomic and spacious for convenience and to make you experience a cozy feeling.
  • As mentioned above the room comes with a small carrying case that is very convenient for transport.
  • Like any portable changing room, this product is easy to set up because it can only take seconds to erect and only seconds to take it down and pack.
  • The portable changing room exists in dimensions of 7.58 feet in height x 4 feet in length x 4 feet in width. 6.
  • This product comes in multiple colors like red, dark pink, forest green, sky blue, purple and royal blue.

Best pop up changing rooms

The NTK Pampa Cabana

This portable privacy room that is constructed using a piece of fabric that is coated with solid taffeta polyurethane that has UV protection. The tent also has a ventilation screened with no-see-um. Also, the tent happens to be flameproof.

MyDeal PopUp Room in a Bag

This item features a steel frame that is highly durable, built with materials that are weather resistant, and even has stakes to give it a firm ground during windy conditions. However, it has a rather finicky zipper.

The SmartCamp Portable pop up

This tent can bend down to the size of a large carry bag, and still can easily shelter a full grown adult when it is open. Unfortunately, it tends to be bulky.

The Fotodiox Changing Room

This changing room is on the plus side when it comes to style. It is made of a hundred percent polyester materials. The broad base of this tent offers excellent stability while helping it to stay upright. However, it is quite expensive.

The Stinky Pete Deluxe GigaTent

33,.mkjgpThis portable pop-up can be used as either a private changing room or a shower/toilet shelter. It features a significantly large rear window and a mesh ceiling that helps to keep the portable enclosure well ventilated and facilitate maximum airflow.

The Ozark Trail 2-Room Changing Room

This changing room prides its self in taking modern living comfort to everywhere you go. It consists of a five gallon, a solar heated shower that has interior walls coated with silver aluminum for maximum privacy